Month: January, 2013

Snow Emergency Parking Notice

In order to facilitate the cleaning of streets and expedite the free flow of traffic, motor vehicles shall not be parked on any street within the Municipality or within the Businessman’s Downtown Parking Lot at such times as the United States Weather Bureau records indicate that two inches of snow has fallen or two inches of snow has fallen and there is a prospect of further snowfall.  All vehicles parked prior to the time weather conditions prohibited parking must be removed by the owners or operators.  Any motor vehicle parked in violation of this prohibition shall be removed at the order of the Chief of Police and shall subject the owner or operator to the fines provided herein.

Information needed for the Johnstown Cemetery (near Coshocton Street) . . . read more

The Johnstown Cemetery (Old Burying Ground) near Coshocton Street is being cleaned up for the Bicentennial Celebration by the Village Street Department. The Johnstown American Legion is researching the Revolutionary and Civil War veterans that are buried at this site. If you have information that would help with their research, please contact Harry Galbraith by phone at 740-967-7655 or by email at


Recycling at Village Office Location and overflow problem

When the Recycling Drop-Off at the Village Offices is overflowing out of the containers, please do not drop off your recycling items until the excess has been cleared away.

More information about Recycling in Licking County can be found at: