Business & Community

The Village of Johnstown welcomes new residents and new businesses to our community. The Village of Johnstown is eager to work together with prospective business owners to promote economic and industrial development.

Johnstown’s business community not only contributes to the economy by providing jobs to local residents, but also gets involved in local events and projects for the betterment of the entire region.

– The Johnstown region has a workforce that is both well educated and productive.

Job Training – Johnstown is conveniently located close to several job-training programs.

Infrastructure – Johnstown is located close to interstate highway networks, John Glenn International Airport, logistics/warehousing facilities for imported and export-bound products.

Existing Industry – Johnstown is the home to several manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing facilities.

Business Incentives – Johnstown and the State of Ohio offer a variety of incentive programs to prospective and existing businesses, as well as low Licking County taxes.