Trailhead & Bike Path

trailhead.julyThe Village of Johnstown is proud of their trailhead entrance to the T. J. Evans Bike Path. New paving! Larger parking area! Much needed landscaping!

Other great news about the Trailhead: Evans Foundation buys trailhead site, will lease to village

Downtown Johnstown, Inc.
received funding from the Mary E. Babcock Foundation. Their generous donation allowed for removing the old worn out pavement with a new, thicker layer of blacktop. The funding also allowed for an expanded 20 space parking lot for the many visitors to the trailhead and bike path.

Funding for the landscaping part of the project was provided by the Johnstown Area Community Foundation.

Per an agreement with the Licking County Park District, the Village of Johnstown will continue to maintain and care for the Johnstown Trailhead and bike path that is within their corporation limits.

trailhead.parking.2013Johnstown is fortunate to have the Babcock Foundation, the Johnstown Area Community Foundation and Downtown Johnstown, Inc. working together on projects to beautify and enhance our community.



The Johnstown Trailhead Reserve and Bike Path is part of the T.J. Evans Recreational Trail. If you start the asphalt paved trail in Johnstown you can travel 14 miles through much of Licking County, including the city of Newark. This bike path was once part of the Penn Central Railroad. It was also known as the New York Central/Toledo & Ohio Central Railroad. The path includes historical markers along the route.


Much of the Johnstown section of the bike path is covered with an abundance of foliage. It has been described as riding through a long, green tunnel. The gradual descent from Johnstown to Newark allows bikers to enjoy an almost effortless ride. Those coming from the other direction may notice they need a bit more energy to make it into Johnstown.

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U.S. Bicycle Route 50 in Ohio (Johnstown is part of Alternative Route 50)USBR50-Sm-DS

U.S. Bicycle Route 50 (USBR 50) is an east-west route that crosses the center of the state and is part of a national route that will eventually link Washington D.C. and San Francisco. A 32-mile alternate route, USBR 50A, parallels the main route and takes cyclists along back roads and trails. USBR 50 will be signed as of summer 2016.

In Ohio, USBR 50 runs from Paint Road in Preble County at the Indiana border, through 11 counties. The route passes over to West Virginia on the Market Street Bridge in Jefferson County. Nearly 40 local jurisdictions across Ohio provided resolutions of support for the route.
The U.S. Bicycle Routes System (USBRS) is a developing national network of bicycle routes that are numbered and signed, and often integrate local and regional bike routes and trails.  The USBRS opens up new opportunities for bicycle touring and transportation and will eventually encompass 50,000 miles of routes in all 50 states. For more information, please visit

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