DanaDana Steffan, CPA
Finance Director
(740) 967-3177 ext. 3
599 South Main Street
Johnstown, Ohio 43031

Debt Policy

Investment Policy
Johnstown Ohio Checkbook – State Treasurers Office

 The Finance Department is responsible for the fiscal administration of the Village of Johnstown. The Finance Department’s mission is to uphold the financial stability of the Village of Johnstown. The Village is audited semi-annually in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code, by the Auditor of the State of Ohio, to ensure compliance with generally accepted accounting practices.

The Village of Johnstown Finance Department:

  • Promises to serve the community with openness
  • To take pride in the finance department’s job and to perform with the highest integrity
  • To maintain complete and accurate accountability of funds used to serve the needs of the community
  • To always keep a good attitude while assisting with problem-solving solutions
  • To provide the necessary information for Johnstown residents in a prompt and courteous manner
  • To always strive for continued excellence in serving the Johnstown community
  • To be supportive with other departments and the community at all times

Income Tax

The Village’s income tax rate is 1.00% on all earned income.  The Village of Johnstown’s collection agency for income tax is the Regional Income Tax Agency, also known as R.I.T.A.