Don Corbin
Police Chief
(740) 967-9911
599 South Main Street
P.O. Box 457
Johnstown, Ohio 43031

Emergency Contact Information
Josh Boudinot
Police Lieutenant
(740) 967-9911


Anonymous Tip Line



Johnstown Police Department  (740) 967-9911 or (740) 967-0911For an emergency, always dial 911

The Johnstown Police Department is charged with the responsibility of providing professional, efficient and organized police protection along with community police related services to the citizens of Johnstown, Ohio.

Our goal is that of constantly protecting the lives and property of the citizens.

Our objective is that of recognizing the needs of the citizens of our community and through diligent efforts of continuous evaluation of services, meeting this responsibility by comprehensive training in the application of the latest law enforcement methods and legal procedures.

Full Time Officers

Josh Boudinot
Jason Bowman (K-9unit)
Chris Cooperrider
Jessie Belcher
Rusty Smart
Justin Anthony
Brian Sherrod
Jarad Harper

Auxiliary Officers

Don Roach
Ed Rutherford
Paul Hatfield
Tom Staneart
Carrie Frey
Meghan Ward
Tony Welsh
Robert Reffitt
Shad Green



Meghan Ward
Sandra Patrick
Kathie Landis
Carrie Frey (Part Time)
Victoria Edbrooke (PartTime)