Mayor’s Court

Meghan Ward 
Clerk of Court
(740) 967-5961
599 South Main Street
Johnstown, Ohio 43031


The Village of Johnstown Mayor’s Court is held the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. Court is held in the Village Council Chambers at 599 South Main Street. Those charged with municipal violations come before a licensed magistrate to have their cases heard. After a case has been heard, any applicable fines can be paid through the Clerk of Court.

These are the new guidelines for Mayor’s Court.

  1. Individuals entering the courthouse will be required to wear a protective mask or covering. Such a mask may not be required to be of the N95 standard. However, the mask or protective covering must cover the nose, mouth, and chin of the person. Unless, it is such medically necessary to prevent a person from covering their face. Protective masks or coverings that were purchased or made will be acceptable. Provided that they meet the above guidelines.
  2. A protective mask or covering will be worn at all times while in the Court’s chambers and nearby connecting areas.
  3. All Mayor’s Court employees are required to wear a mask.
  4. All individuals within the Court’s chambers will be required to adhere to the 6’ (six foot) social distancing standard.
  5. Some circumstances may require attendees to wait in their vehicle, or in an area outside of the Court’s chambers until their case is called to docket, or it is feasible to enter. Such guidance will be directed by the Court’s bailiff.
  6. Staff is encouraged to bring their own masks. However, if needed, the Village will provide one.

Payment of Fines

The Clerk of Court can accept cash, checks, money order and credit cards.

Make all checks payable to: Johnstown Mayor’s Court 

Credit card payments are accepted for Village Mayor’s Court through Official Payments Corporation at: Official Payments Citation Link

There is no longer a cap on payment amount

VisaMasterCardDiscover Network
Convenience fees are as follows:

Credit card $3.95
Debit card  $1.95

If you can waive your right to a court hearing, you can pay at the Johnstown Police Department 24 hours a day located at:

599 South Main Street
Johnstown, Ohio 43031

The Village Offices have a drop box located on the southeast corner of the building. You may contact the Clerk of Courts to see if you can waive your right to a hearing at (740) 967-5961.