Johnstown Trailhead Park

The Johnstown Trailhead Park is located at 187 E. Jersey Street in Johnstown.

In March 2015 the Thomas J. Evans Foundation purchased approximately 4 acres at the trailhead of the T.J. Evans bike path in Johnstown. The foundation then turned around and leased the property to the village at no charge.The Village of Johnstown maintains and cares for the Johnstown Trailhead and bike path that is within their corporation limits.

Since that time the Village of Johnstown and the Downtown Johnstown, Inc. organization have gradually made improvements and additions to the site known as the Johnstown Trailhead Park.

Johnstown Trailhead Park Improvements include:

  • Paved 20 spaced parking lot (Funded by the Mary E. Babcock Foundation)
  • Tree Landscape (Funded by the Johnstown Area Community Foundation)
  • Tear-down of 2 dilapidated building structures 
  • Removal of large concrete boulders
  • Handicapped accessible restroom (In partnership with the Licking Park District)
  • Kiosk station (Eagle Scout project)
  • Limestone trail to the discovery site of the Johnstown Mastodon