Wastewater (Sewer)

470 West Jersey Street
Johnstown, Ohio 43031

Utility Billing
(740) 967-5951

Sewer Department Documents

The Wastewater Treatment facility at 470 West Jersey Street has been in service since December 2005. This plant has an average design flow of 1.2 million gallons a day, a maximum design flow of 3.0 million gallons a day, and a peak hydraulic flow of 4 million gallons a day. The plant allows Johnstown to meet current and future EPA regulations. The facility also provides service to new industrial and housing projects in the Johnstown area.

Employee Profile

Newt Long Hired in 2012 Class II Wastewater Supply State Certification
Jack Liggett Assistant Village Manager Hired in 1980 Class III Wastewater Supply State Certification
Richard Fitch Plant Operator Hired in 2012 Class III Wastewater Supply State Certification