Village Initiates Digital Mapping Project

As local government officials, our staff must work to strengthen the Village’s infrastructure. We are responsible for many assets such as transportation, water, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) gives us the data management and mapping tools we need for better asset management, planning, and prioritization.

Johnstown has initiated a digital mapping project to gather GIS data and photographs of our water, sewer and stormwater infrastructure. This project will involve Village employees walking our streets to collect hundreds of different points and pictures. You will see our employees walking around town over the next year. Using specific GPS software and iPad’s, our staff will have real time data in case of a line break or to plan for infrastructure replacement project or locate a line for utility contractors. By collecting this information, we will no longer have to search for paper maps or wonder what infrastructure is in the area therefore cutting staff time and making better decisions.

For more information on this project, please contact Jim Lenner at 967-3177 or

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